Friends on 2nd Feb we decided to form our association APBEE, for the bright future of our PRASAR BHARATI employees as well we can give a safe secure future for our upcoming generation, it’s a vision which we together choose on 2nd Feb 2018 , we knew when we start preparing a lot of hurdles will come in our way, but keeping in mind our PRASAR BHARATI friends Seniors support we forget the fear of failure and after tons of meeting and long discussion we finally decided to form our new association for the welfare of Prasar Bharati employees.

Doubts:- we know that many people have questioned the rising of the association-
Had we made any haste in forming it?
Had we taken all stakeholders in confidence?
Had all possible ways thought before forming our association?
Had the fund required is sufficient or more?

But we can assure you we have kept all the things in mind and we have full confidence as a PRASAR BHARATI family took the decision.

And let we assure you all that all decision took by our team is not the decision of only a few people it’s a decision of one team which we thought in a decentralized manner.
Few people may think that what we people will do with this much financial resource?

We assure you that all the fund will be used for the welfare of our employees and some of its examples are in which fund are used to be forming association hiring lawyer for forming error-free association as we all are new in this field. We have Already told that this fund collection is on voluntary basis and optimal for anybody and do not compare with other association,if anyone had a single piece of doubt that we can misuse it, then please don’t contribute it, a fund will be immediately transferred to the association account ones created, left fund will be the used for future development and will be in safe friends, we request you come forward and contribute without any doubt, AND I AM GLAD TO INFORM YOU THAT WE ARE THE FIRST ONE WHO HAD CREATED ONE LINK ESPECIALLY FOR SUCCESSFUL TRANSACTION THAT EVERY SINGLE PENNY COUNTS AND BE TRANSPARENT and members are Working day and night with job to make it a secure and transparent one.
Why the need for an association?

As you all are aware that for the welfare of Prasar Bharati employees.
It’s the right time to form the association as we don’t know tomorrow what step dept will take for Pb employees like had it be our association this 80:20 ratio case may not be started. Further in future, we may face lots of problem like salary, pension gratuity transfers and many more.

FRIENDS in the end I would like to say that currently, we are unable to reach every corner of India, but we ensure that those who had read this article would surely try to pass to others, and will do himself as part of family our association to motivate others, because it’s not a single person but a group of who make an organisation and association too.

We wish for the bright future of our new association, With all Blessing, we are confident that one day we will cross hurdles with all your wishes,

Regards Team APBEE.