Today Team APBEE met with Sh Atul Gupta ADG(Admin) regarding the ongoing DPC of EA to SEA and submitted the representation against this promotion. Sh Atul Gupta ji assured us to send our letter to Prasar Bharati and seek clarification from PB and raise issue in front of CEO beacuse this is policy matter.

In the meeting more than 30 APBEE members were present from various Delhi stations.

We have also sent letter to CEO office and request time for meeting to address this issue in detail. we will met CEO and ADG(HR) in next week.

We are also preparing the formalities of the court case to grant a stay on this DPC. Hopefully next week we will file case in CAT delhi.

We can understand your pain and anguish against the derogatory behaviour of Prasar Bharati management. But we can assure all of you that we will raise voice and oppose management in every possible way.

Unite we stand Devide we fall.