Prasar Bharati employees demonstrated peacefully in front of the Prasar Bharati Secretariat on the afternoon of 19.09.2023 regarding their demands. It is noteworthy that recently, Jyoti Prakash Trivedi, a Prasar Bharati employee, died of cancer. The protesting Prasar Bharati employees said that Jyoti Prakash died due to a lack of better health facilities available by the employer, Prasar Bharati. The Prasar Bharati employees demand that for better health facilities, all the employees of Prasar Bharati should get the benefit of the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) provided to the central employees of the Government of India

About 200 Prasar Bharati employees participated in this demonstration held on the afternoon of 19.09.2023. Apart from health facilities, the employees also put forward some other demands in this gate demonstration which took place during lunchtime. These demands include pension and group insurance for the deceased dependents. Apart from this, it also includes removing the problems related to the promotion of employees. Many associations of employees participated in this demonstration.

It is noteworthy that after Prasar Bharati became an autonomous organization in 1997, two types of employees are working on the same post. One was recruited by the Central Government and the other was recruited by Prasar Bharati.
Hari Pratap Gautam, president of the protesting association, Association of Prasar Bharati Engineering Employees (APBEE), said, ‘There are two types of employees working in Prasar Bharati, those who were selected before 5 October 2007 and those who were selected after 5 October 2007. He said that Prasar Bharati is discriminating against the employees selected after 5 October 2007. Due to this, they are facing problems related to better health facilities, group insurance, and promotion.

He also said that different salaries are being given to the employees working in the same post in Prasar Bharati due to which the Prasar Bharati employees selected after 2007 are getting less salary as compared to the earlier employees. Due to this, they are demanding equal posts and equal pay for all the employees.

After the demonstration, the employees also submitted a memorandum to the Chief Executive Officer of Prasar Bharati regarding their demands.

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