As all of you know EA to SEA promotion is under process. EAs (Recruited after 05/10/2007) are not included ineligibility list for DPCs of EA to SEA while some EAs who are promoted from Sr Tech and junior to PB EAs are included in the eligibility list. In this regard, we met Sh. M.S Ansari ADG(Admin) NZ yesterday and submitted our representation and explain all anomalies and discrepancies regarding DPC of EA to SEA promotion. He assured us to take necessary action in this matter. We also met Sh. Narendra Sharma, DDA(E) DG : AIR , Ms. Pinky munshi DDG(EPC) NZ and represent this issue.

Today APBEE submitted representation about the same to CEO PB and met with concerned officials of PBS to address the anomalies in promotion from EA to SEA – Team APBEE.

The copies of the representations are attached below for the members reference.